Local Emilian cookery courses

The school holds one week cookery classes on local Emilian cuisine with approximately 2 or more hours lessons per day, from Monday to Friday. Students are taught how to make homemade pasta and the secrets to preparing traditional Reggio Emilia dishes: stuffed pasta, for example tortelli, cappelletti, lasagne, local erbazzone spinach pie, a variety of sauces and beef and chicken main courses without forgetting traditional desserts, torta di riso, zuppa inglese, tiramisù, and ciambella. Students will also enjoy eating the food they have prepared together. To the course can be added tours of local Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Balsamic Vinegar, Prosciutto ham and Lambrusco wine producers where students can sample and really appreciate the famous genuine specialities of the Emilia region.Also available on request, one day cookery courses where students learn to prepare one or more classic Emilian recipes.

The courses are held at:
  1. A Holiday Farm in the countryside- Conducted in English or Italian, the courses are set on a holiday farm near Reggio offering optional board and lodging. It is located 4 kms from the center of Reggio Emilia and is easily reached by bus or bicycle. During your stay, the owners can offer many possible activities such as: golf, horseback riding, mountain biking, and nature hikes through the Reggiana hills. Italian lessons are available upon request.The cookery lessons can also be combined with an Italian language course held on the holiday farm or at Reggio Lingua.
  2. Private home- The course is held in Italian or in English in a private home in the city of Reggio Emilia or in the hilly countryside of Canossa. A perfect holiday for individuals or couples who would like to learn Emilian home cooking in a friendly Italian family environment. The cookery lessons can also be combined with an Italian language course held at Reggio Lingua.