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Reggio Lingua specializes in Italian language and culture instruction for people of every age and nationality. Our goal is to spread the Italian language and culture through promoting participation in the Italian way of life.

Located in the beautiful historic centre of Reggio Emilia, Reggio Lingua provides the ideal location for a genuine immersion in Italian life outside the world of tourism. Our Italian language school maintains a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, ideal for learning Italian in a relaxed and fun way.

Our study Italian abroad, and Italian homestay programs get the students out of the language classroom and into the Italian culture where they can interact with Italians using their newly acquired Italian language skills.

Reggio Lingua invites you to live, speak, laugh, and experience the Italian culture the way Italians do: with each other!
Reggio Lingua
Viale dei Mille, 2 - 42121 Reggio Emilia
cellphone numbers: + 39 340 8537630 / + 39 348 5901718
tel./fax + 39 0522 454777- email:
P.IVA 02101340350


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