O que dizem sobre nós


KHARY K. - Boston, USA

Corso di lingua e cultura italiana

My name is Khary Kyle and I am from the United States. I decided to learn the Italian language recently. As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to learn Italian, both the language and the culture. Within the last year I found an employer which not only has provided me with an opportunity to learn another language but also transportation and incentive to do so.
When I decided to learn Italian, I wanted to find a school that was preferably small and whose professors are native Italian speakers. After not so long a search I discovered Reggio Lingua. Not only did they provide me with small classes taught by native speakers, but I found that there were located in a region of Italy that as known for its incredible food, art, and culture; notarized nationally for such things, as well as providing an environment away from the major tourist centers of Rome, Milan, Venice, and Pisa (Tuscany) where many residents speak both English and Italian.
Reggio Lingua provided me with an opportunity to learn Italian from real Italians in one of Italy’s culture capitols, surrounded by residents who primarily speak Italian, being conducive to a true immersion program.
This school and its principals were immediately attractive to me and I resolved to attend, feeling confident in my spirit that I was making the right decision. I would encourage anyone who may share either some or all of my requirements in a school to give Reggio Lingua an earnest look and reach out to either Paola or Daniela.