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Corso homestay a casa di Ilaria a Como

I had a wonderful week in Como ! Ilaria was a great host. The apartment was just next door to her house and she was very helpful explaining everything i needed to know about the area.
The location was very convenient with a bus stop close by that takes you to the lake in just 5 or 10 minutes depending on the traffic. There is a laundrette and a supermarket just down the street. The apartment itself was very spacious, clean and comfortable with all the appliances you need and more. I would definitely go back!
Ilaria is also an italian teacher and i was taking a homestay program with her for the week. We did 4 hours of lessons per day but i had lots of extra time with her and her family speaking with them, cooking together and going out to different places at night..... a concert, a film, a bar etc. His family were very welcoming and friendly.
It was a great experience and i highly recommend her as a teacher.
I would loved to have stayed for longer!

Laura T.