O que dizem sobre nós


MARYLIN - Menlo Park, California, USA

Corso di lingua italiana e cucina emiliana

Dear Daniela and Paola,
The cooking class that I took was everything I hoped, and more! Chef Alessandro is a wonderful chef and a terrific teacher who is cheerful, flexible, and eager to teach us whatever we wanted to learn. We made many different pastas during the week, from scratch, of course; gnocchi, ragu, bistec with balsamico, sorbetto, gelata, torta con frutti di bosco and even marmalata.
There was more, but this certainly shows the variety. Daniela had great Italian lessons for us each day -- all related to cooking and the kitchen. It was great to stay at Agriturismo, too.
The owner was very hospitable and graciously showed us the pig farm, the parmeggiano production, the dairy, and the balsamico production.
We also enjoyed the visit to the cantina where the lambrusco is made.
The thing that made this experience extra special was the personal attention paid by Daniela and Paola. From the moment we arrived until they waved goodbye we were treated like old friends. They had dinner with us, made sure we got to go/do everything we wanted to do -- I can’t praise them enough. I would return in a heartbeat!
Feel free to edit the above as needed. Thank you both for everything. I hope you will have a great school year and that the cultural institute will thrive. Please keep me “in the loop”, as we say. I’ve told many people about your institute and there is interest from others in attending.
The dinner that Janet, Shirley and I cooked for our friends in Como was excellent, including making pasta. We have discovered that we don’t have all the recipes and when I have time, I’ll go through carefully, see what we need and then ask you to get them from Alessandro.

Best regards to you both!