O que dizem sobre nós



Corso di lingua italiana e cultura italiana

Hello Paola e Daniela,
I can never thank you enough for helping me to accomplish one of my biggest dreams: to live in Italy and learn the beautiful language. You went above and beyond to take care of all the confusing bureaucratic details, and when I first arrived you helped me to get oriented with the city as well as invited me to lunches, dinners, movies and cultural events. You both have an incredible gift in making every student feel welcomed and cared for. You pay particular attention to our well being inside the classroom as well as outside. The lessons that are offered by Reggio Lingua are stimulating and fun the best environment for learning. Thanks to you both and your exceptional teachers, I achieved my goal of learning the language and for this I will always be grateful. You all hold a dear place in my heart and I will never forget the bonds of friendship that we’ve created throughout these years.

With much respect and admiration,