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Corso di lingua e grammatica italiana con Reggio Lingua

My name is Ben Mear, I am from England and I attended a three week course as a beginner at Reggio Lingua during the summer of 2006. I have visited Italy many times and the language remains one of the things that really appeals to me about the country.
I found the course at Reggio Lingua a genuine delight: the groups were small and therefore not intimidating, the teachers caring and patient and, it is here that I feel Reggio Lingua really stands apart, the school is blessed with a wide variety of genuinely warm and welcoming friends (of pupils past and present).
This meant that, rather than seek out unsuspecting strangers for practice, we could talk to people that we would see quite frequently during our stay, that would completely understand any concerns we might have (having met many such people before) and that we would soon become good friends with.
As a result, there always seemed to be something to do and we were able to discover all the very best parts of proud and inviting Reggio Emilia. Indeed, while the teachers took us through the rudiments of the language by day, we could put them into more realistic practice by night. This developed to the point that within two weeks I could understand a surprising amount of even very fast conversations and that, by the third week, I was beginning to feel rather confident about starting and sustaining conversations in Italian.
I was also doubly lucky, as I stayed with a wonderful family during my three weeks and, thanks to their patience, generosity and good humour, I was able to absorb and practice far more than I might have had I only attended the daily lessons. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Reggio and found friends, fun and increasing fluency when all I had really hoped for was a smattering to get me by/start me off for the many Italian holidays to come.

Grazie Reggio Lingua!