O que dizem sobre nós


HEATHER - Arizona, USA

Corso di lingua e cucina italiana

Reggio Lingua is a fantastic school! I attended classes for one year and learned enough Italian to make good friends (all Italian with all communication spoken in Italian) and understand most of the every day communication. For anyone who wants to learn Italian, I highly recommend this program for two reasons:

First and foremost, the teachers are wonderful. They are very professional and approachable in that they really care about what they do, and are genuinely interested in your progress. I found them to be open and welcoming, and the atmosphere they create to be ripe for learning. Patient and yet challenging, the teachers at this school are excellent.

The second reason is the location. I know you may be thinking where is Reggio Emilia (?!), but the good news is so is everyone else! There are no tourists, and so too, there are far fewer Italians that speak English. This is crucial for the beginner as you have no other choice but to make your needs, wants and desires known in Italian.

My family just recently moved to Bologna, and I’m am working to make new friends and a new home. I am thankful for my experience in Reggio Emilia, and especially the teachers at Reggio Lingua who helped me build a solid Italian language foundation.