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Corso di lingua e cultura italiana in Italia

I’ve studied at Reggio Lingua twice, and I can’t wait to come back again! I think that Reggio Lingua is a great place to learn Italian and become immersed in a typical Italian town. Paola and Daniela work hard to make sure that your needs are met not only for language study, but for housing and getting to know the area. My last class was a small group of five that was created for our level of language skills. We had just the right amount of conversation and practical grammar. I was there for two weeks and felt that I learned a lot—and my confidence in speaking
really improved. It also helps that there is not a lot of English spoken in town, so you continue to practice your skills in the city of Reggio. Also, Reggio is an easy train ride to many fun cities nearby such as Parma, Modena and Bologna. We even rented a car and spent a weekend at Lake Garda, just north of Verona.

Marta R.