O que dizem sobre nós



Corso homestay da Mariagrazia a Reggio Emilia

I had a wonderful week with Mariagrazia and Franco. I had lots of opportunity to talk italian language to them, to their family and friends, and they were incredibly generous. I cannot thank them enough.
As far as the lessons are concerned, I had two aims – firstly, to speak with greater confidence, and secondly, to learn more structured grammatical rules. I achieved my aim of being able to talk with confidence in Italian, even though, of course, I make many mistakes – this is to be expected, given that I have really only had the equivalent to 3 weeks of studying Italian in a concentrated way. My other aim was to improve my knowledge of grammar, and to have an opportunity to practice these grammatical rules. I also achieved this aim as the contents of the lessons were tailored specially for me, and Mariagrazia and her entire family ensured that I practiced my newly acquired knowledge in a supportive and often very amusing way.
In addition, I am really delighted that my comprehension has improved hugely and I can now follow conversations easily – I now understand perhaps 80% of what is being said – up from about 40% 2 weeks ago.