O que dizem sobre nós


LOUIS R. - Jacksonville, FL, USA

Corso homestay di lingua italiana a Reggio Emilia

I do not know where to begin in commenting on my homestay. In a nutshell, I wish I could have spent several more weeks with Giorgia and her family. Giorgia is a superb teacher. She, of course, knows all the grammar principles and did a superb job of teaching and reviewing these, but much more importantly, she had the ability to make me feel secure so that I had the confidence to engage in conversations at levels and on topics I did think possible prior to my homestay course. Giorgia is very flexible and was willing to tailor my formal course work so that I could achieve my goals. Beyond Giorgia and her expertise, the entire family are wonderful people who all became my teachers and my friends. Our meals were not only wonderful family get togethers each day with delicious and varied dishes, but they were occasions for me to broaden my ability to speak and understand Italian in a very social setting with several people at a time.
I wanted to become more comfortable in speaking and understanding Italian. I, frankly, never thought my level would allow me to have the conversations that I had during this home stay.
I absolutely accomplished my goals, but I went much further. I credit this directly to Giorgia and her family and would recommend this homestay experience without reservation to anyone who has at least a basic knowledge of Italian. I do not think a home study course is a good choice for an absolute beginner. For me, my course was superb, and I would not change it in any way.

Thank you again. I wish you and your school much continued success.