O que dizem sobre nós


PRIYA R. - London, UK

Corso homestay di lingua e cultura italiana da Giovanna a Procida

Giovanna was a really approachable and interesting teacher who was not only able to help me feel like I was learning Italian but also really engaging to spend time with. Her family were wonderful and despite not being able to speak English they made me feel welcome, and I had an excellent time in Procida. It was a really great experience that despite not really knowing my level exactly before I arrived that Giovanna was able to tailor my lessons to my level and make me feel like I was being stretched as well as making me feel like I was achieving something. Giovanna was open to input on what I felt I needed to concentrate on and able to explain points of grammar to me that I felt I hadn't grasped yet in an interesting way. I had the pleasure also of going with her to the Festa di Sant'Anna on Ischia and I found Giovanna to be generous with her time and friends.