O que dizem sobre nós


PEYTON L. - South Carolina, USA

Study Abroad in Reggio Emilia - Early Childhood Education, College of Charleston,

Studying abroad was by far one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to observe students learning in a foreign environment and compare teaching methods to those used in the United States. I was able to deepen my knowledge by having hands on experiences in the class room. I had the opportunity to teach a classroom of fifth graders about the American culture and my own educational experiences.

The most memorable part was the realization that saying goodbye to my fifth-grade students was so much harder than expected. We really formed a close bond despite the short time I was with them. I also really enjoyed living with a host family which helped me understand the Italian lifestyle. They could not have been sweeter or more memorable. Prior to the trip, I had not considered teaching elementary age, only preschool, but working with the fifth graders really opened a door to more possibilities for me.