O que dizem sobre nós


GEORGE L. - Chagrin Falls, USA

Corso intermedio di lingua italiana a Reggio Emilia

I've had many italian lesson and the ones at Reggio Lingua have been the best. The best in Italy and the best in the USA.

Thanks to much
George L.

Corso homestay di lingua e cultura italiana da Carmela a Roma

Thank you for the excellent Italian lessons and cultural exposure to Italy through food, visits to historical sites, and attendance at cultural events.
As a student and academician, I recognized a good teacher, and you certainly are among the best. Your methodology is up-to-date and you are ever so patient. I continue to be amazed by your ability to take a single exercise and turn it into a listening, speaking, reading, and writing experience all in one. I appreciate your gentle persistence with encouraging my mouth and vocal cords to produce Italian sounds as they are meant to be said.
This is my fourth visit to Rome but it is the first time I have come to know and love this city. I especially appreciated our walks to see the Rome that visitors do not generally see. Your depth of knowledge of film, literature, art, and history made each visit and walk come alive. Attendance at the presentation at the Marco art museum allowed me a glimpse into Italian social life at a cultural level. Visiting with shopkeepers during our walk through your historic neighborhood brought Garbatella to life. And I looked forward to each meal together. Your cooking was excellent, "semplice ma buona." And I had fun!
I am certain that my week of studying with you has improved my Italian skills.

George L.