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Corso di lingua italiana e di cucina emiliana a Reggio Emilia

I attended Reggio Lingua in Reggio Emilia for 2 weeks in Spring 2007. I took 30 hours of Italian language and 20 hours of cooking classes. The instructors were all very good; each had their own style and I was able to learn from all of them. I think having different sessions with each instructor gave me more insight to the language. For example, one was very serious about pronunciation, one shared culture with me, one laughed with me, while another would only speak to me in Italian (which was very challenging). I loved working with them all. The cooking course was very fun; it was held at a local farm/bed & breakfast (agriturismo). The chef is a talented and passionate young man who showed me the many ways to cook with pork and pork products. I also learned to make some delicious regional dishes in which some of the recipes were from the chef’s family. I would highly recommend attending Reggio Lingua and look forward to the day when I can attend another class, and visit with my new friends. Reggio Emilia is a beautiful town that is not overrun by tourists or tourist attractions. Living there for two weeks gave me a sense of what it is like to live in Italy; I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the memorable experience.