Seminars in Italian literature
The allure of the Italian literary tradition through presentations, readings, analyses and interpretations of famous prose and poetry.

Seminars in Italian art history
A survey of Italian art history, with an in-depth study of the most important artists of the Baroque period and guided tours of Reggio Emilia.

Drawing and painting workshops
The exploration of graphics and design using pencil, pastels, chiaroscuro technique, volume, oil paints, and acrylic painting on paper, fabric and canvas.

Drawing and painting workshops for children
These workshops are intended to introduce children ages 6-12 to art, helping them develop dexterity and express their ideas. The instructor will lead them through an exploration of colors, and introduce them to techniques such as oil painting, charcoal pencils, and watercolors.

Singing courses
Held by experienced Bel Canto/Singing masters, the courses explore vocal techniques, diction, reproducing operatic pieces and Italian Opera History.

Creative workshops for children
These workshops use recycled materials to stimulate the children’s creativity and to help them cultivate ecological awareness.