Visas and permit to stay

Reggio Lingua helps and advises students wishing to request a student VISA for Italy or a PERMIT TO STAY for prolonged studies.If the student is a citizen of the European Union, s/he doesn’t need a visa.If the student is a citizen of a non-European Union or non-Schengen country, s/he will need a VISA issued by an ITALIAN EMBASSY in his/her home country.

To ascertain whether Italy requires an entrance visa for the student’s country of citizenship, please visit:
Once the studen arrives in Reggio Emilia, Reggio Lingua will give him/her all the information to obtain, fill out and send the forms for the request for the Permit of Stay.

To obtain a visa

The student needs to contact the nearest ITALIAN EMBASSY OR CONSULATE in his/her home country to request the necessary entrance papers for students, presenting a CERTIFICATE OF ENROLLMENT verifying the student’s intention to attend course at Reggio Lingua.

The school will issue a CERTIFICATE OF ENROLLMENT only after we receive a completed ENROLLMENT REQUEST and payment of a DEPOSIT of 100% for the selected course. If the student is unsuccessful in obtaining a visa, s/he must notify Reggio Lingua.

Students will get their advance payment back (less the enrolment fee and the mailing costs) only by sending a copy of the Embassy/Consulate letter with the reasons for non-admission.