Reggio Lingua offers foreign and Italian professionals, managers, and employees of local firms language courses which are completely tailored to the participants’ abilities and communication objectives. Though we are an Italian language and culture school, we can also offer companies courses in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese, with certified mother tongue instructors.

We can organize guided tours of the city and Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar producers for groups and foreign delegations. The groups will be accompanied by translators who will present the unique characteristics of each location. We can assist businesses with the organization of ad hoc visits and events. We also have a team available to provide translation services for commercial, advertising, and other fields .

Language courses

Differentiated levels
The courses are divided into levels from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2) according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages, as defined by the Council of Europe.The teaching program will be created based on the results of the oral and written entrance tests used to determine baseline knowledge of the language, along with the desired exit level of linguistic competence. It can be personalized in order to address appropriate vocabulary and terminology for specific business sectors.

Attaining linguistic competence
Whether general or thematic, the course objective is the acquisition of communicative competence to be able to express oneself in diverse situations.Thematic courses have a further objective: the acquisition of language specific to a sector (business Italian, tourism, fashion, design, etc.) to facilitate interaction in conversations, business meetings and situations inherent in the professional world.

A true plan of study
Before each course begins, Reggio Lingua creates a plan of study based on:
  • an analysis of the student’s needs and personal profile to create a program best suited to the professional environment;
  • a teaching plan to define the educational program and content;
  • a final evaluation, using a feedback questionnaire to determine exit competency and satisfaction with the course.
Program sites
To best accommodate corporate needs, we offer courses at our school to take advantage of the classroom setting or courses at the work site during work hours, to encourage maximum participation.

Types of language courses
  • We offer group or individual lessons, either general or thematic:
  • General courses are useful at all levels, concentrating on the comprehensive skills necessary to speak and understand a foreign language and working with themes and situations encountered in everyday life.
  • Thematic courses concentrate on the specific needs of the professional world through the acquisition of technical and/or commercial language. The program includes simulations of business meetings, interviews, negotiations and presentations as well as managing diverse professional situations.
  • Group courses focus on themes relevant to all the participants.
  • Individual courses are more flexible than group courses and are the best solution for executives and employees with busy or variable schedules. They focus exclusively on the student’s needs and pace.
In addition to Italian language courses, Reggio Lingua also offers courses in English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Chinese and Japanese.

Maximum flexibility
Instructors are available from Monday through Friday, from 8 am until 10 pm, and Saturday from 8 am until 3 pm. Lessons may be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice.

In addition to the language courses

Cultural excursions
Our instructors are available upon request for supplementary activities to the study program, such as guided tours of the city, visits to Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar producers, and attendance at conventions, fairs and shows.
We can organize thematic or recreational corporate functions, to offer your clients and delegates opportunities to explore Reggio Emilia’s culture.

Our team of translation specialists is available to translate advertising material, business letters, websites, and documents of any nature. We provide translation services in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Japanese and Chinese.